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Risk and Method statements

Our Risk and Method statements are extremely detailed and follow strict guidelines.

For each move a RAMS is presented detailing the Risks of a machine move and the Method by which it will be carried out. We are used to working with large companies who need this paperwork to be perfect. It is not unusual for our large factory moves for the RAMS to be accompanied by lift drawings, site plans, and site survey reports which will all be checked and signed off prior to any works taking place.

An example of some of the companies we have undertaken Risk and Method statements for:

We also understand some smaller private companies require this for their own records. We will offer a RAMS for every move on request and is included as part of our service.

For an example of how serious we take safety please get in contact.

We are proud to be 100% free of accidents to date, with no staff or contractors being injured since the companies inception.

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DDK specialise in:

  • Specialist Installations and Removals
  • Contract Lifting
  • Rigging
  • Abnormal Loads transportation
  • Export packing and shipping
  • Electrical and Engineering Services for dismantling and commissioning

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DDK is fully insured for public/employee liability, goods in transit and movement within your premises.
Full Insurance documents available on request.

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