Services Provided

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New Machine Installations

DDK Machine Movers understand the amount of work that goes into manufacturing, promoting, packing and transporting a piece of new machinery ready for an installation for your customer. We see the installation of a new machine at your customers premises as an extension of this process, with an emphasis on complimenting your brand with highest level of professional machine installation available

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Machine Moving

DDK have carried out machine moves for some of the most recognised names in machining, and aim to increase this customer base further. By being professional, using our own resources, and ensuring each job is completed to the highest standard we get much of our work through customer referral and repeat business.

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International Machine Moving

We can price for any large or abnormal load from any destination in the world, and quote to install it as a turn key package the otherside - speaking with our client to ensure that all of their demands are met and the project goes smoothly.

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Export, Packing & Shipping

DDK Machine Movers specialise in factory removal and relocation. This often includes overseas packing and container loading. We design and manufacture our own cases where necessary to fit the unusual weights and dimensions of machines and accessories. 

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Electrical & Mechanical services

DDK can provide for any electrical or mechanical services required. Both our electrical and mechanical staff understand the importance of correct machine calibration and operation, and will work in close partnership with clients and their machine operators to ensure machines are performing to their best.

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Factory Relocation

DDK provide solutions for entire factory relocations - Nationally and Internationally.

DDK have the experience and resources required to allow for competitive quotes based on a dependable time scale. We always plan our larger moves side by side with the client, ensuring they are fully aware of operations and are in control with DDK acting as an advisory.