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DDK Machine Movers International Relocation

CNC Machining Line relocation from Europe to USA

Our Client required us to collect, load, transport, and make ready for shipment 15 large CNC Machines as part of a larger factory relocation, along with some other specialist machinery. The machines were located in Europe, and were required to be brought back to the UK for packing then made ready for onward transport to USA.

DDK Machine Movers Route to USA

After flying out a Project Manager to site to discuss the factory relocation in further detail with our Client, several quotes were drawn up, with a breakdown of costs. Once the quote and schedule had been agreed, the machines were individually dismantled and loaded to trailers.

They were then brought to the U.K and packed. After the machines had been carefully packed and crated, they were loaded to a Vessel bound for USA, picked up the other end and installed at the Clients new factory.

Our fleet has been carefully selected to achieve the best results in the machine moving industry. Vehicles are completely fitted out with jacks, skates, porta packs and other specialist tools and equipment to enable our crews to be totally self sufficient whilst on site.

If you have any questions then call us on 01483 440166 or contact us.

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