Factory Relocation

DDK provide solutions for entire factory relocations - Nationally and Internationally.

DDK have the experience and resources required to allow for competitive factory relocation quotes based on a dependable time scale. We always plan our larger moves side by side with the client, ensuring they are fully aware of operations and are in control with DDK acting as an advisory. We always take into account machine down time, as well as the most cost effective and production effective way of relocating ensuring the move is on budget and on time.

We follow a simple 3 step phase for large factory relocations to ensure everything is accounted for.




































































DDK understand the importance of attention to detail and the high level of planning required in factory relocation. To make relocation as smooth as possible DDK can provide a “turn key” complete door to door service, for any size factory which includes:

  • Full Quotation with break-down of costs

  • Electrical & Mechanical decommission of all Machinery & Accessories

  • Removal of Machinery & Accessories

  • Loading of all equipment to Transport/Containters

  • Transport/Shipping to address

  • Unloading of Equipment and Siting

  • Electrical & Mechanical recommission

  • All Import/Export requirements 

  • Full legal documentation (Health & Safety, Risk & Method statements etc) required 

DDK understand flexibility is essential and can prodive any of these services individually.

DDK pride ourselves on our large portfolio of managed projects with well established names from a number of countries serving a variety of industries, most notable moves to date include:

  • Diamond Drilling Line from Ireland to UK for onward transportation to U.S.A

  • Camshaft Production Line from Denmark to Finland

  • Syncro Ring Production Line from UK to India

1. Consult

DDK Machine Movers Ltd will meet with the client and run through the requirements of the factory relocation, including time frames & budget management. We will ensure the most cost effective and down-time efficient solution for the client. We will then provide a quotation for the services required, which breaks down clearly and concisely what you can expect from DDK Machine Movers Ltd including dates of work and equipment provided.

2. Plan

DDK Machine Movers Ltd will assist with the planning of the factory relocation, including creating of packing lists - measuring the machines and accessories, working out logistics solutions, and advising on container / truck configuration if machinery is being relocated long distance. Following this we will work out a Phased of relocation of machinery to ensure the consultation goals are met, as well as supplying all relevant H&S documentation (Rams, insurance, staff certification etc)

3. Relocate

Following the phasing schedule provided at the quotation stage, DDK will arrive on site and begin the factory relocation following the agreed schedule. Works will be done within the time frame specified. We operate a honest policy - if for any reason the project is in front or behind of the agreed schedule, the client will be the first to know from our designated project manager

Working with the client we will ensure the entire factory relocation is carried out professionally, within budget, and to a timescale you can depend on.

Contact us now to organise your consultation for your factory relocation.


DDK Machine Movers Specialise in: 

  • Specialist Installations and Removals

  • Contract Lifting

  • Rigging

  • Abnormal Loads transportation

  • Export packing and shipping

  • Electrical and Engineering Services for dismantling and commissioning

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