Machine Tools

The movement and installation of high-performance CNC machinery is our speciality. We operate across all industrial sectors, which means we have gained extensive knowledge of varied types of industrial manufacturing machinery.

Our specialist lifting equipment also allows us to move machinery in confined spaces. This is of great benefit in facilities where space is of a premium. Whether you require the installation of new machine tools, or the removal and relocation of existing machines, by choosing Russell Logistic you will receive an unparalleled quality of service.

Our project managed service ensures clients stay on track with their demanding production schedules. Our scope of works includes:

  • Lifting and loading/offloading

  • Transport

  • De-crating and de-stuffing

  • Installation package including mechanical and electrical services

  • Positioning

  • Core drilling and bolting down

  • Aligning and levelling

  • Commissioning assistance for manufacturers

  • Storage services

  • Packaging services

Aerospace Machine Moving

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DDK Machine Movers Specialise in: 

  • Specialist Installations and Removals

  • Contract Lifting

  • Rigging

  • Abnormal Loads transportation

  • Export packing and shipping

  • Electrical and Engineering Services for dismantling and commissioning

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