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Specialist & Delicate Installations

Exhibition specialist installation

DDK Machine Movers are capable of moving Delicate & Specialist equipment and materials.

DDK Machine Movers have a tailored and specialist Machinery Moving fleet. This means your delicate and specialist equipment is in safe hands,with a fleet that is built for the purpose.

Insurance for patciularly valuable machinery is available.

We have experience in moving specialist equipment including:

  • Aviation Engineering

  • Pharmaceutical Machinery

  • Laboratory and Scientific Equipment (Delicate Microscopes, Test equipment etc)

  • Large and Abnormal Loads / Statues


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DDK Machine Movers Specialise in: 

  • Specialist Installations and Removals

  • Contract Lifting

  • Rigging

  • Abnormal Loads transportation

  • Export packing and shipping

  • Electrical and Engineering Services for dismantling and commissioning

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