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Case Study 1: CNC Machining Line from Europe to USA
Our Client required us to collect, load, transport, and make ready for shipment 15 large CNC Machines as part of a larger factory relocation, along with some other specialist machinery. The machines were located in Europe, and were required to be brought back to the UK for packing then made ready for onward transport to USA.

Case Study 2: Camshaft Production Line UK to Finland
Our client expressed interest in transporting a Camshaft production Line from Denmark to Finland. The quotation was a turn key package, meaning DDK were to plan the entire move, from shutting down each machine in Denmark to ensuring they were fully functional in snowy Finland.

Case Study 3: Machining and Press Line to India
Our Client specified the need to relocate a large machining line from UK to India. After a site survey, logging exactly what needed to be relocated, a plan was drawn up to minimise production disruption in the UK. Once a price and schedule had been agreed upon machines were packed and loaded in the UK and loaded for a Vessel to India.

Case Study 4: Relocating Machinery Internally with Versa Lift 40/60, UK
DDK were approached to relocate several machines internally in the UK. Using our Versa Lift 40/60 with a lifting capacity of 27 tons we were able to lift the machines and drive them following the agreed route to their new location, freeing up extra factory space for new machinery incoming, increasing the factory floor output.

Case Study 5: Autoclave Installation, UK
DDK were tasked with offloading and positioning 2 x high value bespoke Autoclaves from Italy. Our customer spent a lot of time planning  and preparing the infrastructure so it was important they were installed within the tolerances set out for a seamless install.

Machine Export Packing
Road transport
Indian Equipment on site
Versa Lift 40 60
Autoclave installation
DDK celebrate 20 years
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