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DDK Machine Movers are constantly reinvesting and reinventing machine moving equipment to ensure we have the most up to date, professional, practical and efficient machinery in the industry. It is one of the key components keeping us ahead of our competitors.


On top of a range of articulated trailers, units, curtainsiders, hydraulic tail lift vehicles, skates, jacks, and various other machinery moving equipment that you would expect of a professional machine moving company, we also have some very specialist and tailored equipment, designed specifically for machine moving logistics.


Arctic 6x2 Tractor Units with Tri-Axle Step Frame Trailers Max Rating: 44 Tonne
All air ride.

Air Ride 6x2 Rigid 5 Tonne Tail Lift Max Rating: 32 Tonne
Curtain Sided

 Site Vans
Mercedes Compact

3.5 Tonne


Extendable height and width Curtain Sided trailer so machines are fully enclosed

regardless of size

PM65 Crane

Specialist crane loading trailer designed for heavy & large objects

Fassi Lorry Loading Crane

Specialist lorry loading crane designed for heavy & large objects



Versa-Lifts 25/35 40/60 60/80 LPG
These trucks are especially designed for machinery installation requirements,

with 8ft long forks, retractable lifting booms (27ft max lift) and extending frame with

removable counterweights. It is only 6" wide and enables a large degree of manoeuvrability.

Max. Rating:

10-40 Tonne


Hoist F10 Compact LPG
6' or 8' Blades. Hydraulic jib attachment with power side-shift.

Max Rating: 10 Tonne

Hoist F18 Compact LPG
6' or 8' Blades with jib attachment.

Max Rating: 7 Tonne

Hyster S7 x 3 LPG
5' or 6' Blades with jib attachment. Super Low mast, 1.6M

Max Rating: 7Tonne

Mitsubishi Forklift LPG
Container Specification

2.5 Tonne


Hydraulic Jacks
Various sizes and ratings

5, 10, 20 ,30 and 50 Tonne

Low Height Pad Jacks
Various sizes and ratings

5, 10, 20, 50 Tonne


3, 5, 8, 10 and 15 tonne

Steel Plates
As Required

3mm, 4mm 6mm

JAWAthan Wheeled

9, 12, 18 & 40 Tonne Set

Die blocks as necesscary

Meusburger Trailer: Fully covered wide load extendable logistics

The Meusburger trailer has been developed hand in hand between DDK Machine Movers and Thomas Meusburger of Meusburger trailers.


It is a purpose built, fully enclosed trailer for large and abnormal machines.

The hydraulic roof extends upwards to allow easy access for machines that wouldn't fit inside of a conventional covered trailer, and it can also have its sides extended hydraulically.

This means that all machinery, regardless of size can be fully covered in the best possible environment for transport. This state of the art trailer removes the need for sheeting and of machines - which has been done for so many years.

Machines can be made ready for transport in minutes, in a safer, more weather resistant way.

The sides of the trailer extend to 900mm individually giving a total loading width of 4.286m

The roof of the trailer extends 600mm giving a total loading height of 3.788m

Please see below for more information.













Versa Lift: Large Specialist Machine Moving Forklift

DDK Machine Movers often use the 40/60 Versa-Lift, purpose built equipment for machine moving.

The Versa Lift 40/60 can lift 19,000KGS with the base retracted or up to 27,000 KGS with the base extended.


Built with manoeuvrability, power, and ease of use in mind, the 40/60 is our most popular heavy-duty forklift, and is perfect for the movement of heavy machinery.

We also have a range of Versa Lift 25/35 40/60& 60/80 models available for here with operators.

If you have any questions then call us on 01483 440166 or contact us.

Mesurbuger Trailer Fully Enclosed
DDK Machine Movers Fleet in France
Laying a broach over with Versa Lift
Machine loading with hiab
Loading module with hiab
Versa lift 40 60
DDK celebrate 20 years
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