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Meusburger Trailer

The Meusburger trailer has been developed hand in hand between DDK Machine Movers and Thomas Meusburger of Meusburger trailers. It is a purpose built, fully enclosed trailer for large and abnormal machines.

The hydraulic roof extends upwards to allow easy access for machines that wouldn't fit inside of a conventional covered trailer, and it can also have it's sides extended hydraulically.

The curtains of the trailer also extend with the roof and sides - using a system of rollers which allow the curtain of the trailer to cover over anything loaded.

This means that all machinery, regardless of size can be fully covered in the best possible environment for transport. This state of the art trailer removes the need for sheeting and of machines - which has been done for so many years.

Machines can be made ready for transport in minutes, in a safer, more weather resistent way.

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