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Meusburger on the road

Meusburger Trailer

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What Is a Meusburger Fully Extendable Trailer?


The Meusburger trailer has been developed hand in hand between DDK Machine Movers and Thomas Meusburger of Meusburger trailers. It is a purpose built, fully enclosed trailer for large and abnormal machines transport.


The Meusburger Trailer has an hydraulic roof which extends upwards to allow easy access for machines that wouldn't fit inside of a conventional covered trailer, and it can also have its sides extended hydraulically.


The curtains of the Meusburger trailer also extend with the roof and sides - using a system of rollers which allow the curtain of the trailer to cover over anything loaded.


This means that all machinery, regardless of size can be fully covered in the best possible environment for transport. This state of the art trailer removes the need for sheeting and of machines - which has been done for so many years.

Machines can be made ready for transport in minutes, in a safer, more weather resistant way.


The sides of the trailer extend to 900mm individually giving a total loading width of 4.286m


The roof of the trailer extends 600mm giving a total loading height of 3.788m


Please see below for more information.

The Meusburger Extendable Trailer: A Revolutionary Solution for Machine Moving



The Meusburger Extendable Trailer has revolutionized the machine moving industry by offering a groundbreaking solution for transporting wide machinery fully covered. In this blog, we will delve into the exceptional benefits of this trailer's capability to transport machinery fully covered, even when they are wide up to 4m wide, 4m height, and 9m long.


Unmatched Protection and Security:

The Meusburger Extendable Trailer provides complete coverage to wide machinery during transportation, offering maximum protection and security for valuable equipment. The trailer shields the machinery from external elements, including rain, snow, dust, and debris, safeguarding the integrity and functionality of the equipment being transported. This protective feature significantly reduces the risk of costly repairs or replacements, saving both time and money for machine movers.


Enhanced Safety and Reduced Liability:

The Meusburger Extendable Trailer minimizes the potential for accidents during transit by eliminating the risk of protruding or overhanging parts. This aspect not only protects the machinery but also ensures the safety of other road users. Additionally, the trailer's complete coverage reduces liability concerns for machine movers, preventing potential harm to the environment or nearby properties.


Improved Efficiency and Streamlined Logistics:

The Meusburger Extendable Trailer streamlines the logistics of machine moving by offering a one-stop solution for fully covered transport, regardless of the machine's width. This approach reduces the need for additional coordination, making the transportation process efficient and time-effective. The ability to move wide machinery fully covered eliminates the requirement for permits or escorts associated with open transport, minimizing regulatory hurdles and enabling smoother operations. Consequently, machine movers can optimize their resources, reduce costs, and improve overall project timelines.



The Meusburger Extendable Trailer's capability to transport wide machinery fully covered sets new standards in safeguarding valuable equipment, enhancing safety, and reducing liability concerns. Furthermore, the efficiency and streamlined logistics achieved through complete coverage contribute to cost savings and improved project timelines. The Meusburger Extendable Trailer's vital role in revolutionizing the industry and ensuring the secure and efficient transportation of heavy machinery cannot be overstated.

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Fully Covered and ready to go 

DDK Loading

Total Loading height of 3.788m - Fully Covered.

Meusburger Extendable Trailer

Total Loading width of 4.286m - Fully Covered.

The Meusburger Trailer

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