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Electrical & Mechanical

electrical and mechanical services

DDK can provide for any electrical or mechanical machine services required. Both our electrical and mechanical staff understand the importance of correct machine calibration and operation, and will work in close partnership with clients and their machine operators to ensure machines are performing to their best.



DDK Employ fully certificated electricians capable of carrying out a formal routine check, to the installation of a complete new control panel/power supply. Our electricians have been in the industry for many years. and are experienced in:

  • Electrical decommission and recommsision of machinery and accessories

  • Complete backups of CNC Machinery

  • Installing / Upgrading / Reforming electrical component parts

  • Routine checks of electrical equipment

  • Electrical Servicing




The mechanical staff DDK employ are some of the best mechanical and pipe fitters in the industry. They are broadly capable of many tasks including:

  • Machine Repair & Refurbishment

  • Cleaning of delicate machinery and their accessories

  • All Pipework refitting / modifications

  • All Ductwork refitting / modifications

  • Machine Platform redesign & construction 

  • Fitting of mechanical parts

  • Laser Levelling & Alignment of machines


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DDK Machine Movers Specialise in: 

  • Specialist Installations and Removals

  • Contract Lifting

  • Rigging

  • Abnormal Loads transportation

  • Export packing and shipping

  • Electrical and Engineering Services for dismantling and commissioning

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