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International Machine Moving

International Machine Moving

DDK Machine Movers Ltd have years of experience in International Machine Moving and Transport.

We have collected items in the UK and delivered them all over the world, from small single machines, to entire factories relocated worldwide.

We can price for any large or abnormal load from any destination in the world, and quote to install it as a turn key package the otherside - speaking with our client to ensure that all of their demands are met and the project goes smoothly.

We have quoted on items:

  • German Heavy Haulage / Machine Moving

  • France Heavy Haulage / Machine Moving

  • Switzerland Heavy Haulage / Machine Moving

  • Indian Heavy Haulage / Machine Moving

  • Finland Heavy Haulage / Machine Moving

  • Italy Heavy Haulage / Machine Moving

Across the Channel or Around the World, DDK Can Get Your Load Where it Needs to Go - Collecting, Transporting, Packing, and delivering.


When you have machinery that needs to be moved internationally from the U.K., you can turn to DDK Machine Movers for complete machine moving logistics and international freight logistics.


As specialists in machine moving around the U.K., DDK is well equipped to remove, lift, rig, and transport machinery of almost any size. When your machine is packaged and ready to go, we can also assist with import documents, export documents, raising customs clearance, and discharging customs documents.


Whether You Are Moving a Machine or an Entire Factory, We Have the Skills to Complete the Job


At DDK Machine Movers, we have collected items in the U.K. and delivered them all over the world, from small single machines to entire factories.


We can import and export machinery from the U.K. to the U.S., India, China, and anywhere else around the world where your machinery needs to be. Recently, we have supplied quotes for heavy haulage and machine moving to Germany, France, Switzerland, India, Italy, and Finland.


Leave the Lifting (and Moving, and Import, and Installation) to Us


DDK Machine Movers is your international freight and machine moving internationally specialist. Moving machinery is more than about getting equipment out of your space and onto a truck, and that’s why we can quote full turnkey packages for any size project. This full-service package organises machine moving transport, cranage and offloading, rigging, and transportation. We also handle import and export documents, and can match customers with electrical and engineering services for dismantling and commissioning.


We know that sending machinery abroad can be a stressful and time-consuming process. That’s why we work closely with all of our clients to understand their goals and execute their projects in a safe, secure, timely, and cost-efficient manner. Don’t trust your machine moving to someone who will only get your goods to the port — at DDK Machine Movers, we provide start-to-finish services so you can get back to work.


About DDK Machine Movers


Founded in 2003, DDK Machine Movers is based in Surrey and serves the entire U.K. with expedited, custom machine moving services. From single machine moving to entire factory relocations, we provide turnkey packages for machine installation and relocations to any destination domestically or worldwide.


With a combined staff experience of more than 100 years, we have the expertise to successfully complete any job. Contact us to learn more.

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DDK Machine Movers Specialise in: 

  • Specialist Installations and Removals

  • Contract Lifting

  • Rigging

  • Abnormal Loads transportation

  • Export packing and shipping

  • Electrical and Engineering Services for dismantling and commissioning

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