Meusburger Fully Extendable Trailer

What Is a Musburger Fully Extendable?

The Meusburger trailer has been developed hand in hand between DDK Machine Movers and Thomas Meusburger of Meusburger trailers. It is a purpose built, fully enclosed trailer for large and abnormal machines transport.


The hydraulic roof extends upwards to allow easy access for machines that wouldn't fit inside of a conventional covered trailer, and it can also have its sides extended hydraulically.


The curtains of the trailer also extend with the roof and sides - using a system of rollers which allow the curtain of the trailer to cover over anything loaded.


This means that all machinery, regardless of size can be fully covered in the best possible environment for transport. This state of the art trailer removes the need for sheeting and of machines - which has been done for so many years.

Machines can be made ready for transport in minutes, in a safer, more weather resistant way.


The sides of the trailer extend to 900mm individually giving a total loading width of 4.286m


The roof of the trailer extends 600mm giving a total loading height of 3.788m


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Benefits of a Meusburger

Versa-Lifts come with a long list of options that greatly expand the machines’ capabilities and make them suitable in a wide range of settings. All Versa-Lifts can be driven remotely, allowing the operator to clearly see forklift operations. They also have hydrostatic drives for better control and smooth acceleration, and this is paired to a two-speed transmission for extra power and precise movements at low speeds.


Lifting is actuated with a two-stage hydraulic direct lift mast that works without chains, and a forklift boom attachment that permits full capacity lifts to full height, which makes moving heavy machinery easier than you’d ever imagine. The horizontal boom telescopes out and back with a swiveling lifting eye. A removable hydraulic boom gives the Versa-Lift the ability to act as a crane.


Uses of a Meusburger

The Versa-Lift was designed specifically for moving heavy machinery smoothly and safely on solid surfaces.


The Versa-LIft’s extendable frame means this is a forklift that punches well above its weight, easily competing with much larger units while retaining a compact size that works well in many settings, especially where height and size may play a considerable role in operability. Meanwhile, the crane feature means the Versa-Lift can do the work of multiple pieces of machinery.


Versa-Lift Hire

DDK Machine hires out Versa-Lifts in three sizes, with lifting ability ranging from 11,340 kg to 36,287 kg. Hiring means you get fast delivery of a clean, serviced Versa-Lift specced to your needs, with professional delivery and affordable rates.


Contact DDK Machine Movers today to learn more about Versa-Lift hire in the U.K.

DDK Loading.jpg

Total Loading height of 3.788m - Fully Covered.


Total Loading width of 4.286m - Fully Covered.

The Meusburger Trailer.png

Fully Covered and ready to go 

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