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Annual DDK letter 2024

To the customers of DDK Machine Movers Ltd; We hope you had a good Christmas break and new years, and look back on 2023 with fond memories.

With the main struggle of Brexit and Covid behind us - 2023 became one of DDK's most profitable years on record.

At a glance DDK Machine Movers has completed over £14m of projects since its inception in 2003, employs staff with a combined experience in the industry of over 70 years, has managed over 1000 projects, travelled over 2 million miles in house and has grown from a humble farm operation to a successful SME employing full time staff and delivering the best service we can.

In 2023:

We have grown our warehouse operation further - after a thorough and detailed inspection from the HMRC assessing our internal and external processes for importing exporting and storing, we are proud to announce our Warehouse operation is now Fully HMRC approved and bonded. This means we can bring items into the country, store them at our depot without any import duty to be paid on them until point of sale. A fantastic cash flow opportunity for our customers.

For more information on how this benefits you if you're bringing items into the country please check here: How does a bonded warehouse benefit me?

We have added a Volvo FH500 to our fleet - Fully up to date EURO 6 compliance and DVS standards ensure we operate at the highest standards set, and meet the tough emissions standards set out by the government for UK haulage.

We have added the appropriate DDK branding to the truck to ensure we look as good as we move!

We have also invested in a further high capacity low mast forklift allowing us to pick around 5 ton with a forklift that is only just over 1.2m high - valuable for those tight, low ceiling relocations.

Looking to the team - in 2023 we welcomed the young and talented Lewis Anderton to our staff, an enthusiastic and motivated individual with a background experience in machine maintenance - his knowledge with the decommission and recommission of machines has already proved extremely helpful. Lewis is also studying for his HGV C+E test, which will make him a fully compliant HGV driver. I'm hoping next years letter we will be congratulating him on being a fully licenced driver - he is already a great asset to our team.

Looking forward to 2024

As we head into the new year it is clear the company would benefit from further equipment to cover growing demand.

We are looking in particular to add to our low loader capabilities, as well as streamlining our office system.

Investment in the revolutionary "Starlink" satellite internet system and the conversion to VOIP operated phones ensure our communication is as effective as it can be internally and externally.

We continue to maintain our focus on utilising state of the art technology to ensure we offer the best service at the most cost effective prices.

As always, if you have any requested for quotations, any machine, anywhere in the world (or stored!) Get in touch, and we'll do our best to help.

Danny Russell,


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DDK celebrate 20 years
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