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Annual DDK Letter 2023

To the customers of DDK Machine Movers Ltd;

Another fantastic year of steady growth and sensible investment in the company sees all of our target areas reach their growth - meaning we can continue to provide our level of service at even more competitive prices,

At a glance DDK Machine Movers now has completed over £13.5m of projects since its inception in 2003, employs staff with a combined experience in the industry of over 70 years, has managed over 1000 projects, travelled over 2 million miles in house and has grown from a humble farm operation to a successful SME employing full time staff and delivering the best service we can.

In 2022:

We have grown our warehouse operation substantially again, adding an additional 30% to our internal space giving us a total of 7,500sq ft internal storage.

We have added a Versa 25/35 to our fleet - allowing lifting operations up to 12 tons on blades with an incredibly compact unit.

We have welcomed Peter Nemeth to our staff, an experienced crane operator and qualified HGV driver to assist with the many miles travelled - he has had a positive influence on the company and a valuable asset to our growing team.

Looking forward to 2023

Going into 2023 we are already taking orders, with January being one of our best on record, and February also looking busy, great news for Q1 results.

We aim to purchase a new EURO 6 unit allowing us to head into the various cities that are implementing important climate change regulations, and are placing focus on expanding warehouse and storage operations further to meet the growing demand for cost effective industrial storage in the south east.

As always, if you have any requested for quotations, any machine, anywhere in the world (or stored!) Get in touch, and we'll do our best to help!

Danny Russell,


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DDK celebrate 20 years
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