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January 2023 - 3D Xray Scanners installation

There are changes coming to the way the United Kingdom deals with its security at airports in 2023.

The United Kingdom is now rolling out a new technology called 3d X-ray computed tomography (Or CT scanners) - a newer type of X-ray technology that allows enhanced security and sensitive technology like laptops and smartphones to remain in the hold luggage speeding up the security process.

DDK Machine Movers are well placed to assist in the removal and installation of security scanners including the new 3D X-ray and CT scanners. We have worked alongside with manufacturers of these X-ray scanners including:


Smiths Detection

L3 Harris



We can collect Xray machines and CT scanners from the docks or their point of delivery, deliver them to the customer, offload, uncrate and position them precisely where they need to go regardless of size or weight, ready for the installation engineers to hook the machines up ready for use.

We are aware of the challenges and beuacracy involved in working in an airport environment and also the sensitive nature of these installations. Our staff hold all required accreditations including criminal background checks to allow us both airside or inside a terminal to assist in the installation of CT scanners to ensure the safety of our country. We are also aware of the unique challenges presented by the Magnets and radiation

Our quotations include specialist transport for X-ray scanners, with air ride suspension vehicles with taillift hydraulics, experienced engineers and all associated equipment for a professional move.

Our service also includes specialist all risks insurance so you have total peace of mind when transporting high value machinery.

Case Study 1 - Xray CT scanner installation on mezzanine with low ceiling height, high level pedestrian walk way and crossing a gully at a UK Airport:

In this case, a high level pedestrian walkway had to be navigated with some relatively heavy X-Ray machines. The corrugated and perforated nature of the ground surface was giving our installation engineers a challenge. Having previously used steel sheets to skate the Xray scanners in, we ruled these out on this occasion because of the minimal difference between the weight of the load units passing over the walkway and the mezzanines safe working load.

We then used a combination of GRPM’s and GPRM Minis. Despite them being HDPE, they were supportive enough to make a great job of forming a smooth runway to roll the items through the tight facility with ease. The relatively light weight panels were also much simpler to pass by hand from one area to the next. This meant we constructed a safe and steady platform to exactly where the units needed to be where other companies said it was impossible.

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