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September 2021: International Factory Relocation

International Factory Relocation: Critical Factors to Consider to Get the Job Done

Factory Moving? Factory Decommission? No Matter Where Your Factory Is Headed, DDK Machine Movers Has a Proven Solution.

When the time comes to move a factory, whether it’s across the street or around the world, DDK Machine Movers has the expertise and international connections it takes to get the job done.

DDK Machine Movers are machine moving specialists, with trained staff, high safety standard protocols, proven methods, and a 20-year track record of success.

8 Steps to Successfully Relocate Your Factory

International factory relocation is a highly complex task that requires planning and preparation. We follow these proven steps to ensure a smooth relocation:

● Site surveys at the current and future location

● Detailed planning and scheduling

● Customs and international transfer considerations and certifications

● Risk assessment generation

● Machinery decommissioning, disconnection, dismantling, and decontamination

● Design and fabrication of necessary packing cases for transit and the organisation of heavy lifting vehicles and heavy lifting machinery

● Domestic and international transportation documentation

● Complete reinstallation, re-commissioning, and post-installation safety assessments

Moving Factories Is About More Than Just Moving Machinery

It would be nice if moving factories were as simple as boxing equipment and hauling it away. Unfortunately, when it comes to international factory relocation and factory decommissioning, there are many more considerations at play. Many nations, for example, maintain strict rules about the importation or exportation of certain types of equipment and also have rigorous cleanliness standards. Boxing equipment in wooden crates? Some countries require that timber packaging materials be heat-treated to prevent the spread of disease and insects.

Factory Relocation: The Importance of Establishing Timelines

Establishing realistic timelines is critical in a complex task like factory relocations, and this is where partnering with the right machinery moving company becomes especially critical. Part of the process of accurate timeline creation involves determining project scope, establishing good relations with local government and regulatory authorities, and involving the right subcontractors.

Other timeline considerations include actions to be taken if machinery is being moved from or to a factory where operations are ongoing and zero downtime is needed so production levels can be maintained. This may entail the inclusion of a variety of on-site contractors across a range of disciplines, and done so in phases stretching across several weeks or even months.

Trusted Solutions for Factory Moving and Factory Relocation

As one of the U.K.’s most experienced heavy machinery movers, DDK Machine Movers have access to a global network of relocation professionals. We use only certified, highly trained professionals, and employ time-tested techniques designed to take the headaches and stress out of factory moving.

Contact the professionals at DDK Machine Movers today to learn more about international factory relocation.

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