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July 2021 Tech Talk #1: Versa-Lift Hire

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Save Money Machine Moving While Building Your Factory With Equipment Hire Solutions That Deliver the Most Advanced Tools in the Industry.

The Versa-Lift is one of the newest advancements in forklift technology, and new hire options from DDK Machine make this amazing technology cost-effective for businesses of all types.

What Is a Versa-Lift?

Built by Custom Mobile Equipment in the U.S., the Versa-Lift is an ingenious heavy-duty forklift with powerful lifting and carrying capacity and an extendable frame that adds incredible weight capacity. In the U.K., Versa-Lift is available in three models:

● 25/35: 11,340 kg capacity at 24-inch load center with frame in, and 15,875 kg capacity with frame extended 36 inches

● 40/60: 18,143 kg capacity at 24-inch load center with frame in, and 27,215 kg capacity with frame extended 48 inches

● 60/80: 27,215 kg capacity at 36-inch load center with frame in, and 36,287 kg capacity with frame extended 48 inches

Benefits of a Versa-Lift

Versa-Lifts come with a long list of options that greatly expand the machines’ capabilities and make them suitable in a wide range of settings. All Versa-Lifts can be driven remotely, allowing the operator to clearly see forklift operations. They also have hydrostatic drives for better control and smooth acceleration, and this is paired to a two-speed transmission for extra power and precise movements at low speeds.

Lifting is actuated with a two-stage hydraulic direct lift mast that works without chains, and a forklift boom attachment that permits full capacity lifts to full height, which makes moving heavy machinery easier than you’d ever imagine. The horizontal boom telescopes out and back with a swiveling lifting eye. A removable hydraulic boom gives the Versa-Lift the ability to act as a crane.

Uses of a Versa-Lift Forklift

The Versa-Lift was designed specifically for moving heavy machinery smoothly and safely on solid surfaces.

The Versa-LIft’s extendable frame means this is a forklift that punches well above its weight, easily competing with much larger units while retaining a compact size that works well in many settings, especially where height and size may play a considerable role in operability. Meanwhile, the crane feature means the Versa-Lift can do the work of multiple pieces of machinery.

Versa-Lift Hire

DDK Machine hires out Versa-Lifts in three sizes, with lifting ability ranging from 11,340 kg to 36,287 kg. Hiring means you get fast delivery of a clean, serviced Versa-Lift specced to your needs, with professional delivery and affordable rates.


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