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Annual DDK Letter 2021

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Happy new year Customers!

Let me begin be saying Happy New Year, I hope everyone is staying safe in this unusual time we have been faced with.

2021 marks the 18th year since DDK Machine Movers Ltd incorporation, and what a journey it has been.

2020 was a real rollercoaster for all involved. The world was somewhat against us with a pandemic bringing a halt to much business across the world including machine installations. In spite of this DDK Machine Movers and our partners had some of their best financial results ever.

Lockdown restrictions were lifted and we found ourselves with overwhelming demand from existing customers as they fought to get their moves done in the small windows that were popping up and becoming available to them.

Also, with a Brexit deadline established, and Brexit effects coming into force many business looked to DDK for guidance, knowing they can trust our timelines, and that we will honor our prices.

Other changes include further additional construction to "World Headquarters" - The DDK yard (which 18 years ago was humble farmland) has evolved slowly and surely with the companies needs into a fully fledged Industrial Estate, with 5,000sq ft internal, tempurature controlled, secure storage, and 20,000 sq ft external secure storage. All fully equipped with CCTV, 3 phase power (if you store a machine and need to power it up) and fully gated.

If you require a quote for machine storage please get in touch with myself or Joe and we will ensure you our best price.

We continute to run regular routes to Europe with out of guage movements and also have several substantial factory moves coming up in 2021 so if you require likewise quotes, again, you know where we are.

Danny Russell

Transport Manager

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DDK celebrate 20 years
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