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January 2022: Factory Relocation in the U.K and Internationally – What You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Factory Relocation in the U.K and Internationally

Factory Relocation Specialists
Factory Relocation

Important Steps to Follow for an Industrial Plant Relocation

Moving a factory is a complex affair, sometimes requiring months of planning and a careful budget planning. It’s not a task to be taken on lightly – the move will be most successful if you think through the process and get help from experienced machine moving and factory relocation specialists.

Curious to learn more about factory relocation in the U.K? Here are some important steps to follow:

  1. Select your factory relocation company carefully. Ensure they have the equipment, labour, craneage, and bandwidth to undertake and successfully complete your project.

  2. Create a plan and timeline. Work backwards from the startup date and use a timeline to determine the optimal order for disconnection, disassembling, prepping, crating, and moving. Consider machine downtime and the effect this has on production.

  3. Create a detailed inventory checklist. Know exactly what has to be moved and what can be left behind or moved at a later date.

  4. Create a map of the new location showing where everything will go. Knowing where large and small items are going to go will help the moving company more effectively strategise the move.

  5. Talk to utility providers about the move. How and when should certain utilities be disconnected before the move begins? And how and when should certain utilities be connected and ready to go when you arrive at the new location?

  6. Talk to your factory relocation company to gain additional insight. Is this your first move? Your chosen relocation partner should have already successfully completed many factory moves. Check in with them for insight and tips.

  7. Organise a meeting with your factory relocation team, and draw up instructions for movers. Everyone involved in the move needs clear, complete instructions on what they need to do.

  8. Think about the path you will take. Do doors need to come off the hinges? Do roller shutter doors need to be decommissioned? Does a roof need to be removed? Do transportation authorities need to be alerted if wide loads will go down the road? This is another place where your moving company can help out. Are you handling hazardous materials? Special precautions may be needed here, too – make sure your machine movers are ready and certified.

  9. Perform the move and make sure to conduct post-move inspections. Whether you are moving all at once or in stages, go through your relocation plan and ensure that everything has been done and that all of your equipment made it to its new home safe and sound.

Looking for an experienced factory relocation specialist in the U.K?

DDK Machine Movers is among the country’s most experienced factory moving company, with experience in new machine installation, machine moving, versa lift hire, international machine moving, factory relocation, specialist transport, heavy haulage, crane hire, and more. With all that know-how, DDK Machine Movers is definitely the way to go for the automotive, aerospace, machine tools, metalwork, plastic and rubber, printing, and food and drink industries looking for a turnkey factory relocation package.

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