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What to look for when selecting a Heavy Machine Moving company?

We believe when discussing a production line relocation or heavy machine move there are 5 factors that should be considered when selecting a heavy machine moving company. We strive to rank highest in these five key Performance Indicators and believe this sets us apart from our competitors.

1. Experience

Heavy machines have been installed for almost a century. The specific knowledge and unique skillset involved in moving heavy machinery is often passed down from engineer to apprentice and is ever evolving. Now heavy machinery is supplied with Lift plans and site plans to make lifting operations easier, but you need an appointed person who understand the intricacys of these documents, and can back them up with previous on site experience. DDK Machine Movers pride themselves on the experience of their staff, they have been in the industry for years and have full experience in moving some of the largest and most delicate machinery in the United Kingtom. We only employ the highest qualified employees, and all are completely up to date with the latest health and safety regulations

2. Equipment

The installation of heavy machinery requires specialist and professional equipment. All of DDK Machine Movers equipment is regularly inspected and tested and is revoloutionary. We have worked in tandem with equipment manufacturers to ensure our equipment is built for purpose, and tailored for machine moving instrallations. From our extendable fully enclosed curtainsided trailer - The meusburger to our crane mounted unit, every asset we purchse for the company is carefully selected to be the best it can be, to ensure when on site we are fully self sufficient.

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